Our Mission

Excel in the research, development, commercialization a deployment of diagnostic solutions worldwide for early disease diagnosis.

Plasmonic Diagnostics


Plasmonic Diagnostics is an independent, privately held biotech company providing unique and high quality components for diagnostics.  Our advanced single molecule detection technology enables us to make the correct diagnosis quicker, easier, and at a lower cost for you and your patients.

Our Vision

An individual should not avoid taking a diagnostic test because it is too expensive. Our vision is to create smart diagnostics and platforms, especially for the infectious diseases that are not only sensitive and specific but affordable. We also strive to make the diagnostics simple and smart such that they could be deployed at any geographical location and preclude the requirement of handling expertise at the point-of-care.

Our vision includes collaborations and partnerships with individuals, companies, non-governmental organizations and foundations that share our philosophy and commitment about the diagnostics in settings that lack readily and affordable diagnostic infrastructure.